From the installation "Walking in the Valley of Twofold Solitude". Image courtesy of the artist.

About the artist

“There is no given truth, just a lot of scattered things.” 
In Streith's often narratively driven installations, film, handmade sculptures and found objects meet to build an atmosphere and situations in daily life that can be described as eerie. A person’s relationship to objects is examined. "Things" such as mattresses, clothes, stairs, cabinets and molded body parts are transformed into clues and offer a fiction where new issues, environments and characters emerge. Rasmus Ramö Streith took his Master's degree in Fine Arts at Malmö Art Academy 2018. With a background in film, the writing and structure of the film set has found its way into his artistic practice.

Works in the exhibition


Cast Aluminum, plywood
63×55×21 cm

About this work
First exhibited as part of the installation "Walking in the Valley of Twofold Solitude" in 2017. Included in a series of cast wooden planks. A motif that reappears in several works by the artist and often act as silent vessels for something else. This work originally came from the idea of ​​physically creating a sound that can only be imagined.