The Energy Between Realms IV
About the artist
Rina Eide Løvassen's point of departure is the human perception and how memories alter themselves. Currently she utilises climate change and the Anthropocene as conceptual tools, contextualised by an awareness of the variations of different reactions on the matter, to talk about perspective and the concept of «a whole».
 The artwork is physically and allegorically built up of segments. Some are made inaccessible to enhance others. It’s a play with the way we are capable of perceiving: incompletely. Eternity and «totality» are key, but –the artists states–she is most of all  interested in what’s left out.

2018    Course in stonemasonry by Linus Alfredsson, Gotland SE
2015    Masters in Fine Art, Malmö Art Academy, Lund University, Malmö SE
2010    Strykejernet Art School, Oslo NO
About this work 
​​​​​​​The pieces are vessels that carry memories from the ongoing plastic pollution of our waters. They shall witness our times like canopic jars hold intestines for the afterlife. The plastic, collected at Ribban beach in Malmö, was pressed agains the hot glass during the process of building up the pieces. There it left traces and bubbles in the material. The glass was then silvered, which creates a mirror surface where the glass is blown through the color, so that the bubbles would intervene with given reflections. Someone experiencing a reflection of the self will not necessarily know that a memory became part of one's own perception, but it will nevertheless become part. Just like the fact that the pieces are radioactive, regardless of wether one knows it or not. Each piece has an imprint of a stone of the same kind as canopic jars were made of, limestone. This very kind, Søvitt, holds a strategic metal, Niobium, which in an alloy with steel are used to build spaceships. Correlations in time make it possible that Niobium from Søvitt was part of the production of Apollo 8 and presence when "Earthrise" was shot. The first photograph taken of Earth from space, in 1968. Loaded with this perspective the stones has shapes resembling various stages of consciousness and memory.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The Energy Between Realms I-VII
Clear glass, uranium glass, glass rods, marine
plastic, silvering, imprint of stone
7 unique sculptures
43×33×37 cm
The Energy Between Realms IV
The Energy Between Realms VII
The Energy Between Realms VIII

The artist's studio in Aspögatan 1, Malmö.