WORLD SCORE (Instrumental version for quartet)

Carla Zaccagnini

WORLD SCORE (Instrumental version for quartet) performed at OBRA, March 22, 2019

WORLD SCORE is a comparative study and sound work created by overlapping the melodies of all existing national anthems. With the aid of a custom algorithm commissioned by the artist, the world's anthems are compared by aligning their musical scores and mathematically selecting all the notes that coincide in each given moment. The output is a composition created with the notes that are common to all national songs.
The first version work was an electronically generated sound file pressed into limited edition vinyl record. In 2019 the artist commissioned a musician to develop an instrumental version of the piece which now exists as a performance and sound installation.


WORLD SCORE (instrumental version for quartet), 2019

WORLD SCORE (Instrumental version for quartet)
Recorded by Lars Olof Ståle
Film © Jesper Berg
WORLD SCORE (instrumental version for quartet)
Comparative study of national anthems
Audio recording and musical score
4 min 30 secs loop
Pigment ink print on archival matte paper
Edition of 3

Status: Available
Location: Malmö
Provenance: Artist's Studio
Produced by the artist and OBRA